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What's beyond the curve?

What’s beyond the curve?

I took this photo last summer in Mallorca. We were driving a narrow, not-quite-wide-enough-for-two-lanes road between Andratx and Esporles. Like many of the island’s roads, this one had a crumbling low, stone guardrail and no shoulder. One one side there are rocks, and on the other, a beautiful, steep vista. Of course, the road also had many narrow curves, the kind you never know what you are going to see around them until you’re well into the curve. It might be nothing, or it might be a truck, a stalled tour bus, cyclists, sheep, or hikers crossing to their trail.

These roads remind me of some roads in the Jemez mountains of northern New Mexico. While not quite as narrow, some of them also have can’t-see-around-them curves. (I must admit that I do find driving on this type of road quite fun — even if, at times, a bit challenging.)

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